Word Count Wednesday (5)

Word Count Wednesday is my way of sharing my weekly writing progress with you and holding myself accountable for not giving up.

So without further ado, this week's "Word Count" for Super-Secret Project/Codename: FIZZYPOP:
(Why Fizzypop? IDEK...it sounds fun!)

This week: 6 pages
Total to Date: 74 pages
Start Date: March 2, 2011

How far is this in terms of a word count? I'm not sure. I get 150-400 words per page depending on how small I'm writing and/or how many cross-outs I have. (Plus, that gets me an extra round of editing!)

Not my best wriitng week, but better than last week, so I'll take it! I've been really wrapped up in reading for FTF and making sure I have everything in order for a good event, so things will start to calm down in another week. Plus, I have off the next two days and I'll be home all alone with no one to distract me. Yay! I think I can handle that.

And............since it's FTF..............this week, I will tell you this: My WIP is a fairy tale. It's probably not one you've ever heard of, though. I certainly hadn't until recently! So far, I'm having a lot of fun with the story, though! It's shaping up quite nicely! (And it doesn't have nearly as many adverbs as this post or others on here do...)

That's how my week went! Do you have a WIP at the moment? What was your word count this week? To date? Let's support one another!

...I managed to fall asleep as soon as I got home from work/dinner/library/errands tonight. I'm a loser, I know. I just woke up! That was a good 3 - 4 hours... ^^;;; I'm typing up today's book review right now!


  1. Ugh, I haven't been writing lately, and I fell like I am really behind! I should do what you are and find a way to motivate myself!

  2. Larissa, I would love to see you join me! If you force yourself to post a word count every week, even when you write NOTHING (like I did last week...oh the SHAME of telling everyone that!), it really motivates you to keep it up!

  3. Gorgeous blog. Following back. =)

    I like your idea of Word count Wednesday. Good form of accountability

  4. Thought you might want to know I got the info. up about the Princess Callie giveaway.

  5. Flashlight Reader: Thank you! :-) You should join me in Word Count Wednesdays, or do something similar as you write. I love holding myself accountable (but cringe when I have to report low numbers!). Oh, thanks for letting me know. I'll go check it out! :)

  6. A fairy tale?!?! EEkkk! I can't wait. :)

  7. Small Review: YAY! I hope you'll still want to read it when you hear a full synopsis! <3


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