Essence Fairytale Collection

Have you ever wanted to look like a princess or have fairy dust clinging to your fingers? Now you can, thanks to Essence! The Essence Fairytale Collection is a limited edition make-up line consisting of nail polish, lip gloss, and more. I took the above picture at my local Ulta using a cellphone. Isn't the display adorable? Since it's sold at Ulta, you might think the cosmetics are pricey, but they're not--only $2.99 a pop! Not only that, it's not cheap stuff that isn't any good. I bought the nail polish in Fairy Berry and Once Upon A Time, and the colors lasted a week! (Granted, I did use an OPI top coat one time, but not the other!)

ChicProfile and Nail Junkie show you every single item up-close and personal. Aren't some of the colors PRETTY? And I love the design with the swirlies and the fairies floating around on the caps. I'm totally in love!

Hopefully your local salon still has pieces in stock! I know mine is already selling out...

What a great way to live out a fairy tale in your day-to-day life!

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  1. Fun!! I don't really go into Ulta much, but I'll have to check this out. How cute.

    Jennifer of Little Shelf


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