COVER REVEAL: "Liesel & Po" by Lauren Oliver

A while back, Lauren Oliver mentioned on her blog that she was working on her first middle-grade novel, Liesel & Po, set to be released in Fall 2011.

The book now has a cover, and it is STUNNING:

I have a feeling the book jacket will have beautiful embossing, and possibly even two parts to the cover. Liesel looks like she could be on a second hidden cover page, no?

Not only is this cover gorgeous, but guess what? Lauren Oliver just announced on her blog that she's giving away three ARCs every month from now until when the book launches in October.

AND it comes in the cutest box ever:

I so totally want to win one, don't you? *gushes* Either way, now I'm even more excited for this book!


  1. I saw that you had entered too! I recognized your picture. Her new book is so cute! I'm going to have to buy it so that it can sit pretty on my bookshelf. :)

    Yeah, it figures that a crummy picture would be the one all over the place. Now I know to post better pictures. LOL.

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  2. That is so beautiful! I'm warily curious to see how she does MG. I didn't like Delirium, but this pretty cover is so tempting me.

  3. Oh wow. That is so cute! I don't read MG, but I will definitely buy it for the cover alone!

  4. This is so beautiful! I want one, like right now! Thanks for the tip off, I'm going to try and win me of those.

    I can't wait to read the book, Lauren Oliver has the most beautiful writing style ever.

  5. @ Jennifer: That's one good thing about putting my picture on here; nnow you can recognize me. LOL! I know, I've been DYING to read this. It's nice that more people know it's coming now!

    Hey, a crummy picture is better than no picture, right? ^.~

    @ Small Review: Isn't it? It's GORGEOUS. *in love* I hope you like this one better. I'm sorry you didn't like Delirium!

    @ Chel: You're missing out! Some great books are middle-grade. Like anything by Rick Riordan!

    @ Gina: You're welcome! Good luck to you! I hope we both win <3


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