Cover Crazy: "Dearly, Departed" by Lia Habel

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Last week, 2011 debut author Lia Habel revealed her cover design for Dearly, Departed. It's absolutely *gorgeous.* She totally won the cover lottery!

Why I Love This Cover:

I love all the pink mixed in with all the dark. Even her skin takes on a pink hue! I love the sheerness of the dress sleeves, the shine of her hair and the sheen of that gorgeous satin umbrella. All that texture!! The font is great, too, especially that first "D" with the swirly bottom and elegant symbol inside it and the "y" with the fantastic curl.

The book synopsis is something else, too. Goodreads calls it a "cyber-Victorian/steampunk romance", with zombies. Yeah, suddenly the cover takes on a new meaning. The subtext reads, "Love can never die." If you look closer at the gorgeous text, it's sort of reminiscent of what would be etched into a gravestone. Plus, if you look at the background, the heroine is IN a graveyard. Spooky! This makes me love the way all the pink washes over everything even more!

(I have the feeling the black border isn't part of the final design and was just used in the original reveal, but I could be totally wrong about that!)

What do you think? What cover are you crazy about this week?

[Dearly, Departed is scheduled to hit a bookstore near you sometime in October 2011.]


  1. wow this cover is amazing! I want to read it without really knowing what it's about! I love those pink tones as well..

    Such a great choice, here's my pick

  2. That was my thought, too, Melissa! I didn't even know what the book was about until I went to Goodreads, but that cover has me wanting to check out what it's all about. It's lovely!

    I already commented on yours blog; that book was in my dream last night. It was so weird!

  3. I've said this so many times before, so sorry if you've already heard this, but I prefer illustrative covers to photographic ones.

    With that being said though, this cover does have A LOT of redeeming qualities. It mixes just enough embellishments and added extra non photographic elements that I actually like it. Thanks for introducing me to the cover and book. I've never heard of it prior to reading your post.

  4. @ Gina: I like both types of covers, but I don't mind if you prefer one over the other! We're totally allowed to have our own opinions! Sometimes I like one best, other times the opposite. For example, with the Shannon Hale covers, I prefer the original illustrated covers and was sad when they were re-designed with models.

    I'm glad I introduced a new book to you! I hadn't heard of it before the reveal, either!

  5. The cover of this book makes me want to grab it and run to a cozy corner of the apartment and just read, read, read away! :) Ahhh *sigh* girls in beautiful dresses, my obsession! :D

    I will add it to my TBR pile, great pick! :)

  6. Her cute little umbrella was the first thing I saw! There's this nice darkness about it that I think is lovely and the pink is perfect! Thanks for sharing this and introducing me to another cool book :)

  7. @ Evie: Isn't that dress gorgeous? I'm in love!

    @ Vy: The umbrella was the first thing I saw, too. All that satin. It's so elegant and fancy and old-fashioned! And the pink...oh, I adore the pink!

  8. wow! this is a cover which mixed my two most favorite colors... pink and black! and not to mention that this is really freaky... in a cemetery no less... which is very appropriate to the plot. great pick!

  9. The whole Steampunk/zombies thing isn't really for me, but this cover makes me almost want to read it anyway. I love the cover.


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