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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

I don't usually do lists, but I saw a lot of bloggers participating in this last week and it looks like a lot of fun. Plus, what a good way to talk about "older" authors that aren't as in-your-face as stuff currently releasing!

This week's topic:
Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition

1) Brunonia Barry -- A writer with a beautiful way of writing and intriguing storylines that keep you turning pages. Why don't more people know about her yet?
2) Alexandra Bracken -- While Bracken only has one book out atm, it's AMAZING. She hasn't really caused a fervor among teens, though. I don't get it. If you claim to love authors such as Kristin Cashore and Tamora Pierce, why are you not also picking up this?
3) Diane Chamberlain -- Despite the fact that this woman has written TWENTY books, she still hasn't "broken out." Why the heck not? She's hailed as the "Southern Jodi Picoult" so she should have a lot more fans than she does!
4) Maurissa Guibord -- One of my favorite 2011 debuts, but the one nobody else seems to be picking up. It was such an awesome fantasy novel. Why does no one else care?
5) Shannon Hale -- A fairytale author who writes a lot of teen fantasy. Princess Academy was a Newberry runner-up, but no one blinks twice at her other books. I've met Ms. Hale in person twice and she's such a nice person. I wish she sold more of her books!
6) Diana Wynne Jones -- A lot of people know her, true, but obviously not enough. Why is the blogosphere not going nuts over the fact that she passed away this weekend? How does nobody know/remember who she is?
7) Juliet Marillier -- Another fairytale author, this time mostly in adult fantasy. She has a loyal fanbase, but doesn't seem to get a lot of new fans. Why isn't there greater hype about her awesome books, especially among those who love fairytales?
8) Jacquelyn Mitchard -- A lot of buzz surrounded her when she was the first author to net Oprah's net of approval thanks to The Deep End of the Ocean, but most of her other books haven't done nearly as well. She's still an amazing writer. Why do people no longer care? She has some awesome teen books, too, but she hasn't picked up in that genre, either.
9) Cindy Pon -- Another awesome fantasy author who deserves more recognition. When her first book, Silver Phoenix was released to paperback, they redesigned the cover in order to attract more readers. Now the books look all paranormal. It will draw in more readers, yes, and there's still a hint of the gorgeous Asian fantasy hiding within if you know how to look, but it's a shame this is the way to attract readers!
10) Diane Setterfield -- She's only written one book, The Thirteenth Tale, but it's one of my top five favorite books (behind only two Jodi Picoult titles, actually). It got a lot of buzz and attention when it first came out, so you would think more people would CARE that she has another book coming out. Sure, it's not titled and there's no summary, but it EXISTS and no one cared enough to notice.

And on that note, I need to get ready for work, guys! See you again tomorrow!


  1. I've read books by four (possibly five)of the authors that you posted - I love love love Shannon Hale and Diana Wynne Jones. They are my favorites. For some of the other ones, I enjoyed the books but they definately weren't my favorite. I'm planning on trying books by some of these authors now - thanks!

  2. I looooove Brightly Woven and The Thirteenth Tale! Those are two of my top favorite books ever. I'm so happy to hear Diane Setterfield has a new book coming out! I check periodically, but I didn't see this update until now. I hope it lives up to her first book. But, gosh, is it possible to write another book that amazing?

    Cindy Pon is on my TBR, as is Juliet Marillier and more of Diana Wynne Jones's books (I've read Howl's Moving Castle).

    I don't click with Shannon Hale for some reason. I have heard The Goose Girl mentioned around blogs.

  3. @ Gabrielle: YAY! We have vey similar tastes :) I hope you like the others you'll try out!

    @ Small Review: More reasons we're alike! "The Thirteenth Tale" is my third favorite book EVER. I so totally can't wait for her next book. You're right, she does have a lot to live up to! And for "Brightly Woven," did you hear that Alexandra Bracken got a three-book deal recently for "Black is the Color?" First book debuts in 2013!

    You totally have to read Cindy Pon and Juliet Marillier! For JM, start with "Heart's Blood." It's my #1 favorite of hers! I really like "The Goose Girl." You should try it out and give her another chance!


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