Author Swag: C.A. Kunz and Victoria Scwab

Hey Bookworms!

Before I went to Arizona, I purchased a Kodak PlaySport when Best Buy had it on sale. It's cute, small enough to fit in my pocket or a cellphone case, AND it's waterproof up to 3 m (10 ft) under water. How cool is that? It comes in black, purple, and blue. I purchased the black one because blue and purple are sold exclusively online and I was in a hurry to have it, but I sort of regret not waiting for a fun color...

I didn't wind up using it in AZ, so what better way to break it in for the first time than with BOOKS? I don't have a tripod, so you'll just hear me talking, but I did add a photo of myself so you'll have a face to put with the voice. Yay? I'm not sure that's a bonus, lol!

Anyway, I recently got packages from debut authors Victoria Scwab (The Near Witch) and C.A. Kunz (The Childe. Want to see what these fun packages entailed?

If you can't see the embedded video, it's hosted on YouTube. I filmed three other vlogs this week to share with you in the future as well, you lucky bookworms!

Stills of the swag:

T h e N e a r W i t c h b y V i c t o r i a S c h w a b :

I was a runner-up in a Near Witch contest on Victoria Schwab's blog (which is an awesome site you all should totally have in your RSS Feeder!). I won a numbered button (Number 65) and abookplate with Schwab's signature and hand-illustrated doodles. I'm really looking forward to this 2011 debut novel! Be sure to become a Facebook Fan as well!

T h e C h i l d e b y C . A . K u n z :

The Childe came with a pretty awesome marketing kit consisting of a USB drive with information and fun Easter Egg Goodies, a mock-up of "best-selling author" Robert Craven's book flier, and a bookmark with a key for cracking the code that led to those Easter Eggs hiding on the USB drive. Plus, of course, the book itself! The Childe is the first novel in a new YA fantasy series by the mother-son team C.A. (Carol and Adam) Kunz.

Keep an eye on Facebook, where a huge marketing promotion is ready to take off:

Evie Carmichael
Robert Craven

The novel is currently available through Amazon, and will soon be offered for both Kindle and Nook.


  1. Woah, awesome swag! I've been wanting to read The Near Witch so terribly, and I've heard such lovely things about it. I haven't heard of The Childe before, but I took a peek at its goodread page, and I like what I see. Really cute stuff :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I see your awesome new camera box is resting atop your copy of Demonglass *shifty look* Wouldn't it be terrible if they both went missing and surfaced on the other side of the world? (With the camera inside the box, of course!). Hum di dum.... ;)

    Wow, Veronica is super talented! Great swag. I'm really interested in reading The Near Witch, I may have to give in and request on NetGalley! And the promotional stuff for The Childe is so cool. I definitely have to check this book out now!

  3. Nice swag!! I'm going to have to add these books to my reading list. :)

    And I LOVE the camera! My husband got me a Playsport a few weeks ago for our anniversary. Isn't it great??

  4. do you know the near with is on netgalley? eeep--i was so excitttted when i saw it there. i hope i get approved for it--my fingers are crossed? it sounds friggin fantastic, no?
    anyway, fellow bookworm here. i really like your name--bonnie. it has this whole happy sort of feel to it, and it even kind of means that. heh. that's kinda random, but yeah :D

  5. i meant 'The Near Witch', not the near with. :D and ive no clue how the hell the question mark ended up after 'my fingers are crossed'.
    i should probably edit my comments before publishing them :D

  6. Hey!! I'm posting this here and on my blog! lol!

    Yes, he got me the black one. I would have loved to have the purple, but he said since would be using it too, it had to be a neutral color. lol! And I know, it's barely bigger than my Blackberry. I LOVE it!

  7. @ Lily Bear: I've been DYING to read The Near Witch, too. I was SO excited to see it up on NetGalley. The Childe is a debut novel. If The Story Siren adds it to her list for reviews, I'll be *so* happy! Oops, you reminded me that I meant to post a summary. Guess it's too late now...

    @ Brodie: I commented on your blog, lol. *hides her camera and loans you Demonglass*

    @Christy: It's so super cool that we both got that camera! Haha, and they're identical twins--the same color and all!

    @Aleeza: Yes, I saw Victoria post that it was up on NetGalley and I ran over to request it. *fingers crossed* I've received a lot from Disney-Hyperion lately, so I really hope they won't say no...! Aw, and thanks for the kind words about my name--I probably shouldn't say this, but it's my real one. :)

  8. Bonnie- LOL!! I agree, the underwater thing is pretty neat... I don't know if we will test it out or not though. We might have to give it a try when the kids start to the pool this summer. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  9. A pool should be a relatively safe place to try it out! Someday, I hope to write a mermaid novel, so it would be awesome to take something like this when doing field research ^.~


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