Cover Art REVEALED: "Uncommon Criminals" by Ally Carter

The cover to Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter, the sequel to last year's Heist Society is stunning and matches its predecessor perfectly. Today, Carter revealed the cover art on her blog.

...Are you ready?

Isn't it gorgeous? Nice, bright colors, good use of colors, intriguing stuff going on... Plus, it matches Heist Society. Look at how closely the covers mirror one another:

I love the fact that each book has a reflection of the item the MC, Kat, is attempting to steal in her sunglasses. The first time around, it's artwork, and now it's a famous emerald. The model looks like so confident and cool. Who wouldn't want to pick up such a fun-looking book? With that flirty, airy tank top, the jacket fits in perfectly with its summer release date [June 21st, the official first day of summer!].