New Year’s Blogging Resolutions

*Blog more frequently! (Hopefully at least twice per week)
*Not sitting on reviewing a book for a month or two after reading it (Because the details fade and, imo, the review suffers because I’m no longer intimately acquainted with the title)
*Write ARC reviews early and save them to the hard drive in the interim between when I read them and when the book launches (I don’t want to give you a review months early so that you’ll forget by the time the book comes out or die of agony waiting for it)
*And, of course, read more books. I’ve read way more than what I’ve posted on here in the last year. Some of the books I simply didn’t like enough to review (and I won’t review something I don’t like because that’s not fair to the author or the readers who WILL like that book but may choose to not read it based on *my* opinion), others fell to the wayside because I didn’t have time to review or were so old (more than a year or so) that I figured there were enough reviews in the world out there already. I still feel like I’ve read less than in recent years...