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First and foremost: I only review books I enjoyed reading on this blog. Because of this, it may seem as though the reviews here are always favorable, but I am neither paid for what I type here nor am I a fan of every book I read. As a writer myself, I would never want to slam someone else's hard work. Authors put their hearts into what they write. Just because one person doesn't like a novel doesn't mean that millions of others won't love it. Just because I don't like a book doesn't mean you won't and vice versa. This is a blog for my personal opinions and I won't write bad things about an author that takes away a potential fan of that book. I may mention something I disliked in a book, but I will never post a bad review.

Primarily, I read/review more Teen books than I do adult or middle-grade fiction, but I am open to reviewing anything I have an interest in, especially in the fantasy genre.  My favorite sub-genres are high fantasy, fairy tales and mythological retellings, and dystopian novels.

I'm always interested in featuring author interviews, blog tours, and giveaways on the blog, so I'd love to work with you if the title requires such promotion.

Reviewed titles are eventually posted on sites such as AmazonBarnes and NobleGoodreads, and Library Thing. Sometimes, I'll link to this blog and mention current entries via Facebook or my Forums profile. Please let me know if you'd like my review of your work posted elsewhere.

If you are a agent, publicist, or author and would like to have your title reviewed, please contact abackwardsstory-at-gmaildotcom.

[If you are experiencing email issues, double-check your spelling and make sure to reformat this address before you copy/paste this email address. I don't have it exactly right above so that spammers won't flood my inbox. Please alter it accordingly. ^_^  I don't check this page for comments and likely WON'T see anything you pitch below. Email is the best way to reach me!]


  1. I would love to have you review my YA novel for girls 10 to 14 years old, The Sack. It was published by Cool Well Press in January 2012 and is available on (click Gwen Choate The Sack)in print and Kindle and also on Nook. The setting is a dystopian society where females are forced by inflexible elders to wear a restrictive sack-like garment. Beautiful Althea is born to dance and must find a way to escape the sack and dance.The novel is analogous to any social situation which unjustly holds us back from reaching our goals and dreams. Whatever the obstacles, we can hear our music and dance.
    Check the novel out at,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=879&bih=522

  2. I'm interested in knowing about others who have been held back by a sack and have found a way to escape and follow their dream.

  3. I love this blog! Especially the Mythical Mondays idea. :)

  4. Hi,
    I am a children's author from Western Australia. I am not a young woman and one would call me a granny now but I do love to write fantasy for children. During my years working with children I always told them to never loose their imaginations. I once had a little girl who ask me if it would be alright to write about a flying banana. I told her nothing would make me more happier than to read about her flying banana. I do hope that little girl who is now a mum herself still writes a little about the flying banana. I told you that story so you would know I am probity the worse fantasy writer you could ever be asked to read a book for . But never the less I would love you to read Mary Sumeridge Beginnings. I will not tell you about the book I will let Poppy the troll do that for me. On my web site you will see him flying on Willy the seagulls back pulling a sign with the name of the book on it. Then you will see him talking to you on an animation of him. I will tell you the truth my husband did the voice but Poppy is there in full colour with franks voice and he would love you to hear him. please have a look at him and if you would then like to read the book I will send you a copy by email as I have the e-book here with me. The book was published in America on the 10th of July 2013. By Alpha Wolf Publishing and it will be sold on Amazon and other out lets so I am told. But the most important to me is that I wrote it for my granddaughters and grandson. Mary Sumeridge is the beginning of a series of fantasy books I am writing and I am on the third one now. I really do hope the first one sells or they may not let the second come out and it would be horrible as I have a lovely little Knight Troll like Poppy coming to join the team. Anyway, my offer is for you to review my book if you have time and did I tell you there are Dragon People in my book too. Mary Filmer Children's Author you can contact me by emailing the publisher at But don't for get Poppy on my web page.

  5. Hi there.

    I LOVE your reviews and admire the thoroughness and detail you put into it.

    Thank you very much for this great service!!

    I may one day write a sci-fi, and should that day ever come, I would be grateful for any advice you can give me :)

    Berry Schwartz

  6. I am very new to blogging, and i know this is off subject but if there's a way you could send me some pointers about the blogging world I would be super grateful. I am looking to follow and be active in the book blogging world. Thanks!

  7. Oh, heck. I tried the contact email and got a notification failure. Anyway, I have ARC copies avaiiable for my SF dystopian novel, The Girl They Sold to the Moon. I won a publisher's grand prize contest, went to a small auction and then entered film option negotiations. I'd be thrilled to send you a review copy. You can see it here:


  8. Book Review Request

    “What a delightful book. I will almost certainly revisit this endearing book, and I suspect I shall also remember it well in years to some.”
    ~Lynette Sofras, Smashwords

    I Don’t Wanna Be an Orange Anymore
    Hank Kellner

    Growing up in the fictional town of Meadowview, young Willie Watson objects to being required to play the part of an orange in the school play when he is nine and in the fourth grade. But that's just the beginning of his problems. As he continues through elementary school and into junior high school, Willie has to deal with the town bully; Christmas with his relatives; the death of a schoolmate; the loss of his girlfriend; the theft of a fountain pen, and his broken eyeglasses.
    But that’s not all. Willie doesn’t want to eat his peas; take the garbage out; deal with his troublesome kid sister; try to climb the ropes in gym class while his gym teacher harasses him, or have to stay after school until he’s “…old enough to grow a beard.”
    Readers will discover how Willy becomes a member of Brucie’s gang; what happens in the old movie house on Main Street; how feisty old Grandma inspires Willie, and much, much more.
    Included in this book are such chapters as "There Is No Santa Claus," "Oh Captain, My Captain," "The Dog in the Rhinestone Collar," "A Bird's Just a Bird," and "Hey Brucie, Your Sister Wears Long Underwear."
    I Don’t Wanna Be an Orange Anymore contains a wealth of humorous and often touching descriptions of a young boy's fantasies and life experiences as he grows up in a small town many years ago. This coming of age book is suitable not only for young adults, but also for older readers.

    About the Author: Hank Kellner is a retired associate professor of English. He is the author of 125 Photos for English Composition Classes (J. Weston Walch, 1978), How to Be a Better Photographer (J. Weston Walch, 1980), Write What You See (Prufrock Press, 2010), and, with Elizabeth Guy Reflect and Write: 300 Poems and Photographs to Inspire Writing Prufrock Press, 2013). His other writings and photographs have appeared in hundreds of publications nationwide.

    An eBook published at Amazon and Smashwords

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Hank Kellner

  9. The email I tried to send didn't go through...
    Hi Bonnie,
    I found your blog via Step-By-Step Publishing. I recently published my YA Dystopian Thriller Jaded via Amazon:

    Please check it out and let me know if you'd like an e-copy. :)

    I'd also like to be featured on your blog -interview, giveaway, etc.

    Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie

  10. Like the others have said the email didn't work. So here goes

    Good Evening,

    Just read your blog about review requests, so I wanted to submit my novel to see if it would be something that would peek your interest.

    My novel is called Death Has a Daughter. It is a YA paranormal novel.

    Below is the book blurb and image of the front cover.

    Cendall, history’s first female Grim Reaper, has until her eighteenth birthday to prove she’s worthy of the role. The only obstacle in her way are those pesky Guardian Angels who protect human souls, but Cendall is certain she can handle any Guardian who gets in her way. However, nothing could have prepared Cendall for Lacie—a soul that is protected by multiple Guardians, wanted by Demons, and, most startling of all, can see Cendall.

    Cendall uses every trick in the book to try and slip past Lacie’s Guardians and collect her soul, but a Demon interferes at the last moment. In the chaos, Cendall accidently saves Lacie’s soul, along with one of the injured Guardians. Realizing Cendall fears termination for her mistake, the Guardian blackmails her with an offer she can’t refuse: in exchange for his silence, Cendall must keep Lacie’s soul safe from the Demon, until he recovers from his injuries.

    Cendall agrees—with the intention of checking Lacie’s soul off her list, the instant the Guardian is healed. But as the three of them are forced to work together, Cendall begins to question why Lacie is wanted by the Demons and if her name actually belonged on Cendall’s list in the first place...

    My website is



    Please advise if this would be something you'd be interested in reviewing and I'll send it along.

    Thank you again for your time, and I hope you have a nice night!

    -Candice Burnett

  11. Fantasy Book Review


    Thanks for reading this message. My name is Robert Gill and I'd love it if you would review my new YA action/adventure/fantasy ebook The Guardians Universe.

    Here is the blurb below:

    A ranch reduced to a crater. A strange medallion beside a fallen loved one. A twin kidnapped eleven years ago. A power hungry half-human, half-demon who’ll do anything to have things his way.

    After his entire world is shattered, Kwon must go on a journey to find the friend made famous through his grandfather’s dinner table stories. What he wants is answers to his grandpa’s death. What he discovers is his grandpa’s enormous secret past. What he becomes is a new hope to reshape the next generation in The Guardians Universe.

    This is the first book of the series and is also my first book I've published period, so any reviews would be highly appreciated and very helpful. Although I will understand if you decide not to review this book.

    Thank you again.

    You can contact me at or

  12. For the life of me I can't contact Abackwardsstory with the given email address. Are we supposed to pitch here?



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