First "Hairspray Live!" Video Releases, and the Cast Looks AMAZING!!!

You guyyyyyyys!!!!!

Hairspray is one of my all-time favorite musicals. The music is so upbeat and fun, and never fails to put me in a good mood. I love both the stage production AND the musical movie.

When I heard that NBC had chosen it to air as their Winter 2016 Live! production, I was excited. Also hesitant, because, well, most of the NBC Live! shows have been so-so. But also anxious to see how the Fox release of Grease Live! earlier this year changed things, because love Grease or hate it, the Live! show set the bar REALLY high.

Have you seen the commercial that NBC released this past weekend highlighting some of the cast? It's so, SO fantastic. Take a peek!

When I first started hearing casting news, I was really excited. For one thing, Harvey Fierstein is in it, and he played Edna in the original Broadway production. Second, Kristin Chenoweth is in it, and I loooove her (And not just because of Wicked, though that show is definitely how I discovered her!). So much Broadway talent!!!!

Ariana Grande is in it, too, and like her or hate her, she is a REALLY talented singer. Very few singers have a 5 octave range. She can rival Mariah Carey in tone, and stunned the world when she left her Nickelodeon show and started belting professionally. (Have you seen this awesome SNL skit where she sings Britney Spears, Shakira, Rihanna, and Whitney Houston? Especially the Whitney Houston bc OMG, she slays it!!!) I wish her music producers showed off her range more. Most of her songs are junk, but a few are really stellar. Plus, she started out as a Broadway baby. I saw her in the Jason Robert Brown musical Thirteen before she'd been "discovered" by Nick. She's also done some awesome performances with Jason Robert Brown such as this. I'm excited to see her back doing a musical again!

Dove Cameron is an exciting casting choice because she will bring in a brand-new generation and introduce them to the world of musicals. She plays twin sisters on popular Disney Channel show Liv and Maddie and starred in last year's smash Disney Channel Movie hit Descendants as Maleficent's daughter Mal. I've never heard her sing without autotune, and the assumption is always that the majority of Disney Channel stars can't sing well without being autotuned, but I'm going to hold out faith that Dove Cameron can truly sing if she was cast in a Live! musical. And her casting is EXCELLENT for bringing in a much younger generation!!!

Plus, I think it's kind of awesome and funny and fantastic that Dove Cameron and Kristin Chenoweth play "evil" mother/daughter combos in both Descendants and Hairspray Live!

The rest of the cast is full of amazing names, too, from Jennifer Hudson to Martin Short to Rosie O'Donnell to....

After seeing this promo, I'm more excited to see this year's Live! NBC musical than ever!

How about you? ^.~