Check out these Fourth of July reads...while listening to this Fourth of July music!


If you're in the United States, Happy Fourth of July!!!

It's a day for barbecues, for beaches, for fireworks, for family--and of course, a day full of history as we celebrate our country becoming independent!

I love reading thematic books during holidays and/or seasons.

I've rounded up a few that take place over the Fourth of July in case you'd also like to read something fun today! (Um, and musicals might have made this list, too, so, you know!!! ^.~)

Are you ready to see my choices!? 

1) WHEN WE COLLIDED by Emery Lord

If you want a book that mixes serious issues with the fun of living in a tourist town on summer vacation, this book's for you! Vivi thinks she's escaping everything she's left behind and can forget her worries on vacation. She never expected to find love...or a whole new set of problems!

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If you like wish fulfillment novels, this one's for you! It's about a girl who accidentally winds up with a famous movie star for a penpal...and then he comes to film his new movie in her hometown for the summer!

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3) SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE by Morgan Matson

If you're into contemporary novels with to-do lists, or if you love books about friendship, this is the book to pick up today!

Emily and Sloane are BFFs and do absolutely everything together. When Sloane disappears and leaves behind a list to break Emily out of her shell, Emily decides to do everything...and the summer forever changes her!

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4) In the Heights: A New Musical

In 2008, In The Heights was nominated for 13 Tony Awards, and won 4, including Best Musical. It was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also starred in it. I'd listened to the show before, but never paid much attention to it one way or the other. Now that I love Lin-Manuel Miranda's new musical Hamilton, however, I wanted to give it another try! I didn't remember that the show took place over three days--one of which was the Fourth of July, but it was perfect that I reconnected with it this past week! I talked a little bit yesterday about how I watched a mounting of the show on YouTube despite it not being the Original Broadway Cast, and why I preferred it that way!

 The show takes place in Washington Heights during a summer heat wave. There are a lot of different characters, and their stories interconnect. The biggest story is that of Nina Rosario, who has just finished her freshman year at Stanford...and isn't sure she wants to go back, despite all that her parents have sacrificed for her. A local, Abuela Claudia, has won a lottery ticket, and implores Usnavi to return to the Dominican Republic after his bodega is broken into. When the heat and lack of power get to a boiling point, a neighborhood tragedy brings everyone together in new and unexpected ways. the show is about so much more, but spoilers abound, so........well, just listen to and or watch it!

5) Hamilton: An American Musical

Okay, unlike the other selections, Hamilton doesn't directly talk about and focus on a Fourth of July scene. But the show takes place both before and after the historic drafting and adoption of the Declaration of Independence. (I kind of hope that there's a song that got cut about the occasion or one that's written and performed today just because!) If you want to know more about United States history and the birth of a nation, you HAVE to check out the hottest show on Broadway this season about founding father Alexander Hamilton (Which also features Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers who, you know, wrote the original draft of the Declaration of Independence!). It was nominated for 16 Tony Awards and won 11, including Best Musical of 2016.

Even though I own the CD, I love listening to this version of Hamilton on YouTube because the lyrics pop up on screen at the same time, and with my hearing issues, I really appreciate the subtitles! Especially right now, when my CD set is loaned out and I don't have access to my libretto!!!

Okay, so tell me YOUR favorite media to include Fourth of July moments so I have something new to check out next year!!!

Do any of these make your list?