Girls in Sports Week is coming! Get your promo buttons now!

Today, I'm really excited to unveil a special week-long event, GIRLS IN SPORTS!

I read a bunch of books in a row last month and discovered that they all had one big thing in common: athletic girls!  It's rare to see girls playing down and dirty sports in literature.  It's more common to see sporty girls doing dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, or ice skating than it to see them playing soccer, baseball, or yes, even football.  I was shocked to stumble across three authors in a row--THREE!--with "non-traditional" sporty girls.  It was a breath of fresh air, too.  As great as all sports are, there are so many overlooked in fiction, and girls want to read about themselves.

I was so inspired that I decided to put together a week-long event in celebration of all the sporty girls out there!

GIRLS IN SPORTS will run from May 19th to 25th,
and will feature author guest posts, book reviews, and more.

I'd love your help promoting the event!  You can grab the above banner or one of these smaller buttons to display on your blog, on Facebook, etc.  I'd appreciate any help and support you can give me for this special event!

Shoot me an email at abackwardsstory(at)gmail(dot)com if you need anything! ^_^

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Girls in Sports Week

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Girls in Sports Week


  1. Looking forward for at least one post about Girls' Soccer.

  2. Looking forward to this event-as a reader and an athlete (and one day published author-I hope) I'm drawn to athletic characters and their rough and tumble lives. Great idea.


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