{Character Interview} Nieve [From Zoraida Córdova's THE VICIOUS DEEP]


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(While this post isn't really fairy tale related, mermaids can appear in fairy tales, so you forgive me, right?  ^_^)

THE VICIOUS DEEP is Zoraida Córdova's debut novel and the first book in her series about mermaids from a merman's POV.

Zoraida has a YouTube channel and is so much fun to watch!  She also did a guest vlog for The Book Rat for FTF!

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An interview with 
the mysterious mermaid Nieve

Were you always a sorceress, or did you become skilled at sorcery over the years? What journey led you to gaining the power you have now?

I was born this way. May father hated it and he shunned me. He tried to strip it, but it did not work.

How did you gain the ability to connect with others through dreams? Is this your favorite mode of communication?

It is most difficult and the after effect leaves me drained. But when the mind is fresh, unguarded, it's like dream-walking.

What are your favorite sea delicacies?

The hearts of baby dolphins are very tender.

Can you tell us more about the merrows that you've taken in?

They were unwanted, like me.

What did you do during your two hundred years of banishment? Was it hard to stay away from your kingdom?

I was banished to the coral caves. My brother tried to strip my powers, again. I was weak. That's when I came across the bodies of merrows. Few, among hundreds were alive. I saved them. I fed them.

What is your relationship with your brother like? What was it like growing up together?

He's no brother of mine... He decided that a long time ago.

Isn't Nieve mysterious?  It was slippery just getting her here for an interview, let alone figuring out what questions to ask!

THE VICIOUS DEEP releases this Tuesday, May 1st.  Doesn't this interview make you want to pre-order today? ^.~

Stop back this week to read my review.  I don't want to post it today because it will get swallowed up by my two Fairy Tale Fortnight posts this afternoon or my earlier IMM!


  1. WOW! I love, love, love Zoraida. She is wicked cool and totally bad-ass - not to mention she is just simply fabulous - did you see her gorgeous hair?! But hey! That's beside the point - I LOVE the character interview, Nieve is soooo mysterious! And her favorite delicacies?! OMG!!! I am starting my copy of Vicious Deep tonight, can't wait any longer to enjoy this dark and eerie mermaid world! <3


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